At FormulaVR we are specialised in making custom simulators in small series. This way we can assure the highest possible quality for our clients and maximum flexibility.

We like to make a simulator spec sheet together with our clients and make a customised quote based on that.

Prices below are a good indication of our models


Complete VR-TrackVibe setup
  • All the features of F-VR3
  • VR-TrackVibe™
  • Heusinkveld Pro pedal upgrade
  • Level2 PC system
  • HelmetVR setup

  • F-VR monocoque
  • F-VR Easy entry steering system
  • SA-Belt Formula racing harness
  • Fanatec CSW-V2.5 + Carbon formula wheel
  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3
  • Level1 PC system
  • OculusVR setup
  • Choose your color (1 solid color= standard)

More options are available:

  • SimSteering Direct drive wheel – best option for professional users
  • Commercial use package – best option for SimRooms
  • Triple screen setups
  • Full projection screen setups

Please contact FormulaVR with your specific request. Together we wil come to the best possible solution for your professional home simulator.