FormulaVR is founded by 2 motor sports enthusiast, Richard Fox (British) and Lennart Vissers (Dutch), with many years of automotive design experience and one combined aim: the best possible formula1 style racing simulator. By joining their skills and experience, a superb team was formed.

With both having been involved in motor racing for years, all this knowledge is put into the development of a superior range of simulators. Realising the best possible off-track race experience.

Since both have an eye on design, the aesthetics where very important. The aim is to raise the level of simulator products appearance so that it can be appreciated and just as appealing as a Super Car

All the required skills and interests are available to make the best possible formula1 style simulators. One that is not only epical to drive in, but also looks amazing! FormulaVR only uses the best possible parts and suppliers to obtain the highest possible quality and is designed and manufactured in England and The Netherlands.